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Redford Supply was founded by its namesake, known affectionately as "Red". He believes in "An honest value for an honest dollar." Thanks for your trust. Under the motto,"Honest value for an honest dollar,"the line evolved into the standard for quality products for home improvement you see today.

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Relax, We've Got You Covered From Texas Cold Snaps

Shield your backflow preventer from freezing winters with our must-have cover, ensuring robust insulation. Crafted from industrial-grade 600D, UV-resistant materials, and our exclusive Cold Snap Foil™, it's the ultimate safeguard for long-lasting protection.

Redford Supply CO.

Regular Backflow Cover

✔ Our backflow cover insulated for sprinkler backflow preventer are made of a thick industrial grade 600D PVC Oxford Polyester. Better than regular pipe wrap insulation for winter, our covers are reinforced with a double stitch that won’t come apart.

✔ Replace your old sprinkler head cover blanket with our backflow valve cover insulated and made with strong Velcro on the bottom to keep it from blowing away in the wind.


Redford Supply CO.

Custom Backflow Cover

✔ Our insulation pouch for outdoor pipes now open up on both sides and bottom with Velcro making it easy to cover pipes that even go into the wall. Plus, it’s made of a thick and durable industrial grade 600D PVC Oxford Polyester.

✔ Protect your irrigation pipe with an insulation pouch that's reinforced with a double stitch that won’t come apart.


Redford Supply CO.

Wellhead + Pressure Tank Covers

✔ Our insulated well pump cover are made of a thick industrial grade 600D PVC Oxford Polyester. Plus, it will save you on costly plumbing repairs before they happen.

❌ Don’t wait before it’s too late and pay thousands of dollars on unexpected costs!


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Double Wall Backflow Covers

2-Way Backflow Covers

3-Way Backflow Covers

Insulation Tape

A/C Pipe Bubble Foil Wrap

  • James Grantham

    The tape is weather resistant and is made of a foam material that insulates the pipes well. It is also easy to use and comes in a two pack, so I have enough to wrap all of the pipes in my home.


  • Keith S

    Excellent quality item! The material was very thick and durable. I was very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend it! Nice looking cover and an excellent value.


  • Joonsung Suh

    This cover is the best I have seen and now use. Durable, waterproof and easy to put on and off with the zipper. It is a quality product in that it does protect your items from water and wind,


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